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KC Premiere League Schedules


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Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes early
if you are scheduled for the first game of the day.



KC Premiere Summer League reminders:

  • Don’t park in the fire zone at any Shawnee Mission Schools – schools will ticket and tow

  • No food or drink is allowed in the gym at the Shawnee Mission Schools (only water and Gatorade) > This is SMSD policy, not KC Premiere’s, but it must be followed and enforced

  • It costs $2 per adult -18 years of age or older to be admitted to the games

  • Each team is allowed two coaches to be admitted free but MUST sign the coaches sheet at the check-in table

  • When checking in please pay any team registration fees still owed and

  • COMPLETE/CHECK your rosters turning both back into the league table when updated


  (*) indicates more than 1 game on this date  











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KC Premiere Protocol for Inclement Weather

*If any facility cancels our games or we decide to cancel all games a notice will be posted on our website, so check the website first. It is very unusual for the school district to cancel our games unless lots cannot be plowed or staffing issue.

*The teams in our league come from a wide geographical area, so it may be safe to travel for one team and not safe for another team. If you feel it is unsafe for your team to travel, let us know at least 4 hrs before your scheduled game time so we can call off your opponent. If you do not cancel with at least 4 hours notice, a $50 forfeit fee will apply

*If you have not been called off, but are still concerned, call me on my cell phone before your team leaves for the game. 913-634-4522. Please do not call the office or send an email as I am not in the office on weekends

*Anytime we have inclement weather it becomes harder to field a team, please communicate with your team to make sure you have enough. It would be a real bummer for a team to struggle to get to the gym and then not have enough players or anyone to play once they get there.

Reminder: information on our site sometimes changes frequently. If you are uncertain as to if you are seeing the most recent information you need to REFRESH your device browser and take notice of the date/time stamps. This is especially important for I-Phone & I-Pad users.

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